Your rights as a railway passenger

Do you have a right to be carried at a certain time? What about if a train is cancelled? Standing for an hour - any redress? Who to contact?

Customer Services

Train Operating Company Directors

Passenger Focus

I came up with this "who to complain to" list from a forum post I was making ...

Groups such as ours, Railvoice and others who can pass things on
* Customer services at the individual train companies
* Directors and managers directly at the train companies
* Directors of the train operating company's parent organsation
* Department for Transport (I feel a who's who coming up!)
* Office of the Rail Regulator
* Railfocus
* The railway, local and natonal press
* Your MP.

Yet I'm NOT advocating complaining about every little incident; I accept that trains may - occasionally - be short formationed, that an accident, a landslip or a fatality may cause cancellations and choas and I think we should accept that and work with the staff on the ground who are doing there level best to get us all to destination.

Where you have SYSTEMATIC cancellations - caused by a failure of the infrasturcture to provide enough servicable trains, cheesparing by the operator with zero spare staff to hand leading to cancellations if any one of a very large groups calls in sick, that's another matter.

See here for discussions.

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