London Paddington to Newport, Cardiff and stations beyond

Description of line

London to Reading, Swindon via the Thames Valley. Through the Cotswolds via Badminton Tunnel. Bristol Parkway, then through the Severn Tunnel. Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend, Port Talbot, Neath and Swansea. 4 tracks to Didcot, then 2 tracks beyond.

Onward via Llanelli to Carmarthen then Whitland, Tenby and Pembroke Dock.

Service offered

2 trains an hour London to Cardiff, one extended to Swansea. All with HST 125 units (occasional Adalante trains still?).

One morning train starts at Carmarthen, and one evening train returns there. Beyond Carmarthen, the main operator is Arriva Wales, with FGW running a summer saturday only servive.

Peak flows

Into London, a.m., return late afternoon.

Known issues

Overcrowding at the London end of the service at peak times.

A December 2006 change that withdrew one train between Cardiff and Swansea and has lead to overcrowding of the Arriva Maesteg line train that took its place.


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