Smoke and Mirrors

A great deal of capacity was withdrawn in December, especially at peak hours. Many trains were returned to the companies from whom they were leased and more (the Adalante units) are due to go back too this December.

First blame the Department for Transport Transwilts

The Department for Transport say that Wilts County Council must get involved

Wilts County Council tell us it's up to First ...

At least in public - behind the scenes you'll see little co-operations such as the easing of SLC2 in September to allow for the only "TransWilts" train in the morning to be moved obnoxiously ealry so that the same train can provide a reasonable-time commuter service into Cheltenham.

The players

In this section, we'll tell you who the various players are and attempt to tell you what their roles are!

First Great Western

Department for Transport

Network Rail

Office of Rail Regulator

Strategic Rail Authority (r.i.p.)


Passenger Focus

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