London to Reading and intermediate stations

Description of line

4 track main line from London, Paddington to Reading down the Thames valley. Straight and fast.

Branches to Greenford from West Ealing, to Heathrow from Hayes and Harlington, to Windsor from Slough, to Marlow from Maidenhead, and from Twyford to Henley

Service offered

Express services from London to Reading, and a variety of slower trains serving intermediate stations.

Greenford branch trains continue in to Paddington, as to occasional trains of Marlow and Henley branches.

Peak flows

Into London Paddington, a.m., Monday through Friday, returning late afternoon.

Known issues

Serious overcrowding i peak hours between London and Reading, and also of some intermediate trains.

New train patterns in December 2006 reduced some services and resulted in discontent.


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