Fare's fair

First have a reputation for pushing fares up, and for enforcing fare payments far more than other train operating companies. Picture - Chippenham station. The journey from Chippenham to London is one of the most expensive train journeys, lile for mile, anywhere in Europe. Car parking there is expensive too.

I have to say - I agree with enforcing the payment of the correct fares - indeed it can be argued that a lack (for example) of ticket sales and fare collection on substitute bus services under the previous franchise lead to an underestimation of the numbers of travellers ...

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If THEY make a mistake, it's YOUR fault!

From a letter just received, when I complained abiout being sold a 41 pound single when I wanted a 42 pound return: "However I am unable to offer any compensation as the National Conditions of Carriage does specify that it is the customer’s responsibility to check that the correct tickets have been issued.

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